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FUSA to lead insurance sales in Utah

Farmers Union Service Association (FUSA) of North Dakota will now lead sales and marketing efforts in Utah for QBE Farmers Union Insurance products, announced National Farmers Union Insurance Company (NFUIC).

“We are excited to enter into this partnership,” said Glenn Skrynecki, vice president of NFUIC, “and look forward to a more active presence in the field given FUSA’s marketing expertise.”

With about 30 independent Farmers Union Insurance agents located in Utah, the partnership will give those agents more on-the-ground support, Skrynecki said.

“As independent contractors, we don’t want agents to feel like they are an island onto themselves,” said Kevin Ressler, sales and marketing manager for FUSA. “Selling insurance is a team effort. We’ll be lending the support they need to successfully grow their agencies.”

Ressler will be leading the marketing effort in Utah, along with Don Folkert of Minot. Folkert will serve as the state’s district manager and has 25 years experience with FUSA.

FUSA is currently licensed to sell insurance products in 30 states. Many of those products are available to consumers online, such as life insurance, cancer care, accident coverage, and numerous other products.