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Property Risk Specialist

The property Risk Specialist is responsible for handling insurance claims filed by the policyholders.This position plans and schedules work needed to process claims, interviews claimants and witnesses, and will investigate all aspects of the claim. This position also performs risk analysis inspections.


    • Must be able to carry and climb a ladder, going onto roofs and other high places
    • Must be able to crawl into crawl spaces and other tight confined area
    • Must have a valid drivers license and drive to investigate claims
    • Inspects properties to analyze risk on new applications and rewritten properties
    • Investigate and process insurance claims filed by policy holders
    • Interview claimant and witnesses to gather pertinent information
    • Handle and process farm, commercial and home insurance claims
    • Handle property claims involving damage to buildings and structures, or personal property
    • Inspect property damage to determine extent of damages
    • Verify that coverage applies through an insurance policy
    • Evaluate damages to ascertain compensation amount and consult with various personnel to get expert evaluation
    • Examine all written, audio and visual documents to determine how claim should be handled
    • Negotiate with claimant to settle claim and issue payout amounts
    • Maintain accurate and updated insurance files
    • Maintain written procedures for various job functions
    • Other Duties as Assigned
  • Associate degree or equivalent work experience, Bachelors degree preferred
    Please send resume to

      Government Relations Specialist

      The Government Relations Specialist works to influence policymaking as guided through the NDFU Policy & Action. This involves conducting research, analyzing current issues, evaluating the effects of proposed legislation, and reporting on findings.


      Reviewing Organizational Policy and State Legislation and Rulemaking

        • Be experts on and stay abreast of developments and changes in government and budget processes in the areas that they’re monitoring. This is usually accomplished through attending conferences, meetings and seminars, and traveling to program sites when necessary.
        • Staff the Policy and Action Committee. They research new/developing policy for the Committee. The Specialist plans the committees agenda and coordinates educational opportunities to inform the committee on current issue areas.
        • Reviews and evaluates policies and legislation to determine the benefits and impact of any changes that may occur.

      Assisting the Government Relations Specialist and other departments on organizational goals and programs

      • Assist the Director with the Legislative Committee.
      • Advise on when issues need the help of other NDFU departments, and will help convene meetings of those departments.
      • Assist the Member Operations department on appropriate responses to current events that must include member engagement.

      Other Duties as assigned

      Communicating internally, externally, and with membership

      • Will be called upon to communicate their organizations stance on legislative policy; both internally and externally.
      • This position will communicate with government officials, lobbyists and members of the public who have questions about the organizations stance on public policy and legislation.
      • Create a monthly informational newsletter regarding the organizations work on state and federal issues.
      • Formulate reports and talking points that condense and summarize information for stakeholders to review.

      Collaborating with Stakeholders

      • Collaborate with stakeholders in order to achieve a common goal; usually this is done through coalitions.
      • Actively voice the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of the organization, and help executive the plans of coalitions they work with.

      Lobbying at state and federal level

      • Will assist the Government Relations Director on lobbying both regular and interim Legislative Sessions on the state level.
      • Work to influence key stakeholders on key legislation the organization is working on and educate all legislators on agriculture issues.
      • With experience, there this position could lead this function of the organization.

      Gathering Data.

      • Gather and report on both quantitative and qualitative data, analyzing it for any trends or important information that may be useful in formulating new policies.
      • Works closely with the Agriculture Economist/Specialist.
    • Bachelors Degree inpolitical science, public administration, public policy or related field and 3+ years government or private sector policy advocacy experience and in-depth knowledge of and experience with legislative and administrative policy making. Experience in working with political and/or policy advocacy campaigns preferred.

      Please send resume to