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Biggest misconceptions of an insurance agent

While insurance is known for being a very serious industry, not all ideas of the work are true. Being an insurance agent comes with many misconceptions, so wed like to address a few.

Its competitive. Sure, it can be! But your Farmers Union insurance agent has your best interests at heart always, and has no problem askinganother team member for help if needed

Its boring. No way! As a team driven and face-to-face industry, its far from boring. Networking and meeting with clients, getting involved in the community, an insurance agents life is never dull.

All agents are the same, so it doesnt matter who I get my insurance from. That couldnt be further from the truth! Your Farmers Union Insurance agent is there for you and your family, getting to know what works best for you. You wont get that with just anyone! While any agent can sell something, only a great one will get to know you, take their time, andbe your trusted advisor.

Those are just a couple of misconceptions about an insurance agent, and hopefully weve helped you understand more about the industry. As always, with any questions, feel free to contact your FUI agent!