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5 Car Insurance Coverage Options and Why You Need Them

car insuranceWhen deciding between car insurance companies, cost matters but it certainly isn’t everything. The coverage you get for the price you pay is how you should determine the policy you carry. To give you an idea of the different types of coverage that are important, the three most common auto insurance claims are for whiplash, fender benders, and theft. So what type of policy coverage should you consider purchasing?

    1. Comprehensive
      Comprehensive coverage is sort of like an ‘act of god’ insurance. Comprehensive automobile insurance typically covers falling tree damage, theft, accidental deer strikes, fire damage, and a number of things that are unforeseeable.


    1. Collision
      Carrying collision protection is one of the most important things you can do. This covers any damages to your car that have come about during an accident. If your car is totaled, collision coverage pays for the cost value of the car.


    1. Glass
      Ever drive behind a big truck on the highway and have your windshield cracked by a kicked up rock? Windshield coverage is typically inexpensive and can save you tons of money if your windshield ever needs replacing.


    1. Roadside Assistance
      If you drive an old car, this individual coverage option is tailor-made for you. Instead of going through a third party towing service, many insurance providers offer roadside assistance through their company for much less money.


  1. Liability
    If you got into an accident and were found to be the cause of it, liability coverage protects you from having to pay out of pocket for the other person’s damages. Liability can cover medical bills, damages to the car, and is required in most states.

Car insurance might seem like just one of the necessary bills you would rather not pay every month, but in reality, it could protect you from a lot of debt. Imagine getting into a serious accident and not having any way to pay for your car or hospitalization. It’s not a fun thought. That’s why it is important to balance coverage against cost when looking for the best car insurance policy. If you are looking for the best coverage for your money, visit our website and request a quote today.